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Ski & Snowboard Tuning Process

Our Experienced Professionals & State of the Art Equipment are what makes
Ski Express the best place in Vermont to have your skis & snowboard tuned.

Our technicians will evaluate your needs and provide a high-quality tune-up that fits your ability and ski type. Your rejuvenated equipment will be ready the very next day! - Now that is SERVICE!

Equipment Tuning is specific to your ability level, equipment type & intended use. Below is general outline of the tuning process.

The Wintersteiger Mercury tuning machine.

ONLY at Ski & Snowboard Express

Wintersteiger Mercury - Our Newest Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Edge Sharpening Machine

The best tuning in the business - Watch Video

The Wintersteiger Mercury automatic service station for skis and snowboards gives you access to the highest end of service performance. Whether Race, Carver, All Mountain or Rocker – Mercury‘s automated service procedure tunes up to 30 pairs of skis to perfection every hour.
  • Tunes tailored to your equipment type and use.
  • Restores bases to showroom condition.
  • Your skis and boards will carve turns better,
    and glide faster and smoother on the snow.

NEW! The Wintersteiger TrimJet Racing edge tuner

The automatic edge grinding machine for skis and snowboards.

Wintersteiger Trim Jet Racing - Our Newest Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Edge Sharpening Machine

The Trimjet has been a prime example of how first-class performance can be combined with high efficiency levels for years now. This makes the fact that the new updated version of this automatic edge grinding machine has many improvements and therefore even more benefits all the more remarkable. Various packages mean that other parts of the Trimjet in addition to the base can now be individualized to meet specific requirements too, for example:
  • We are the first shop in the US to have this amazing machine.
  • The most precise edge geometry available.
  • Ceramic dish finish technology.

Precise Finish.
The WINTERSTEIGER Ceramic Disc Finish technology with self-sharpening grinding discs ensures precise edge geometry and a polished edge surface.

Wintersteiger Handheld Extruder

Wintersteiger Handheld Extruder - Ski & Snowboard Tuning Equipment Handheld P-Tex extruding gun

Heating element covers half of a ski width

Used primarily for base repair on telemark skis, snowboards, or any ski that cannot be run through our Skid automatic P-Tex machine

Wintersteiger micro 71

Wintersteiger micro 71  Best Quality Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Wintersteiger micro 71  - Provides Superior Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Fully computerized stone and belt grinder

Infinitely adjustable stone structure with high quality diamond cutting tool

Stone can be configured to tune snowboards or skis, and can also be configured to have different structures on different halves of the stone. This allows one side to be used to remove material on base high skis, while the other side can be used to put a finish structure into the base of the ski.

Feed wheel is in three segments which enables more pressure to be applied to different areas of a snowboard. This is mainly used to create a base edge bevel on snowboards

Four different structure patterns possible on the stone:

  1. Cross pattern- most commonly used structure. With this structure, the water crystals are directed to the sides and tail of ski evenly so that there is no specific left or right ski

  2. Cross pattern tilted left or right- same as above but the pattern is tilted so that water is directed to one side. This is often used when racing to create a specific left and right ski

  3. Linear pattern- used in a downhill application, where the ski is primarily going straight down the hill

What is a tune without wax?

Fontaine Tech Belt Waxer - Ski & Snowboard Waxing Machine
All tunes include a hot wax on our Fontaine Tech Belt Waxer. This machine uses electronic temperature control and a heated belt to buff a quality wax into the base of your skis.
For an additional $12.00, choose our Toko MF 2000 wax system. A step above the belt waxer, this machine utilizes motorized irons to saturate your bases with wax. Your skis will then be hand scraped and brushed. Toko MF 2000 wax system - Ski & Snowboard Waxing


If that is not enough for you, leave your skis overnight in our custom Heat Box. Just $35.00, this includes four layers of hot wax and an overnight stay in our temperature regulated box, which allows the wax to penetrate deep into your bases. Your skis are then hand scraped and brushed to give you the smoothest and fastest bases out there.

The Heat Box - Custom Built by Ski Express to Provide the Best Ski & Snowboard Waxing Available

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