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Stone Ground Tuning

The Best Way to Care
for the Bases of your Skis

What is "Stone Ground Tuning"?

Stone Ground tuning is the best way to care for the bases of your skis. At the heart of any stone grinder is a large round "stone" which spins very rapidly. An extremely fine pattern is cut into the surface of the stone with a high quality diamond cutting tool. Skis or snowboards are then passed over the stone, transferring the pattern into the base material.

While a grinding belt simply flattens the bottoms of your skis, a stone grinder cuts a fine pattern, or structure, into the base material. This pattern makes your bases more resistant to damage since they will be able to absorb small impacts without scratching. The pattern also channels the water created by friction out to the edges of your skis, resulting in much faster ski. Overall, stone ground tuning results in a much higher quality tune.

Our stone grinding machine is a Wintersteiger micro 71. Wintersteiger is known in the ski industry for manufacturing the best tuning equipment, and we believe that in order to provide the highest possible service to our customers, we must start with the best equipment. We also keep strict standards of maintenance and training. Our machines are cleaned daily and serviced frequently by Wintersteiger representatives, and our ski technicians are well trained and experienced in all areas of ski tuning and repair. We believe that this commitment to quality will result in the best possible service for your skis, every time you visit. But don't take our word for it, let us show you what a tune from Ski and Snowboard Express is all about. Once you experience it, we think you will be back.

Tuning Process

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